“Waanders In Broeren is much more than a bookstore; it’s an unprecedented world where you can shop, eat and drink in the brasserie or enjoy a lecture, concert or exhibition all under one roof.”

~ Margreet Rutgers

Waanders in de Broeren - Zwolle

If you’re a bibliophile then you may agree that a historical gothic church is the perfect place for a bookshop! Waanders in de Broeren is a beautiful bookshop in Zwolle, established 200 years ago and more recently they took over a church, the historical ‘Broerenkerk’, a building that had been disused for some time.

With the Internet and eBooks bookshops have to be innovative and Waanders in de Broeren understand this, offering books, selling music, wine, cooking utensils and a huge selection of other things. They also have a cafe in front of the church, which is a beautiful place to sit a while.

There is an art gallery as well as a small stage for numerous cultural activities (I performed there once with the student choir). The city’s tourist information is also to be found inside this church. The owners and staff are all nice people who like to help you. If you are ever in Zwolle, please visit this beautiful piece of architecture and within a bookshop that has existed for nearly 200 years.

~ Margreet Rutgers

Achter de Broeren 1-3, 8011 VA Zwolle, Netherlands

Tel: 038 4215392

Website: waandersindebroeren.nl

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: wandersindebroenen

Opening Hours: Mon 12pm-6:30pm, Tue-Wed 10am-6:30pm, Thur 10am-9pm, Fr-Sat 10am-6:30pm