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After the Annex: Anne Frank, Auschwitz and Beyond Set for January Release Date

By January 18, 2023New Releases, News

The Diary of Anne Frank is often regarded as one of the most important and widely read memoirs ever written, and gives readers an insight into the thoughts, hopes, and fears of a young Jewish girl as she and her family hide from the Nazis who hunt them. After eventually being discovered, Anne and her family were imprisoned by the Germans in Auschwitz. The only member of Anne’s family to survive was her father, Otto Frank, who then spent months trying to discover whether his family, or any of the other people he was in hiding with, had survived. He was the only one left. After his daughter’s diary was returned to Otto, it was he who saw it published, giving the world an intimate insight into the horrors experienced by millions the Nazis targeted.

Designed to be a detailed look at what became of Otto’s friends and family, Bas Von Benda-Beckmann’s upcoming book After the Annex: Anne Frank, Auschwitz and Beyond complies research from first-hand accounts and archival records to follow as closely as possible what happened to the prisoners after their capture. The book’s listing reads:

“On 27 January 1945 Otto Frank was liberated from Auschwitz by Russian soldiers. At that point not only his journey home started, but also his long quest to find out what had happened to his wife Edith, his daughters Margot and Anne and the four other people with whom he had been in hiding in the Annex at 263 Prinsengracht in Amsterdam: Herman and Auguste van Pels, their son Peter and dentist Fritz Pfeffer. In the months after his liberation Otto Frank would discover that he was the only survivor out of these eight people. After the Annex continues the journey that Otto began. It is the ultimate attempt, based on thorough research in archives and available eye witness accounts, to reconstruct as precisely as possible what happened to the eight people in hiding after their arrest.”

Published by Unicorn and set to be released on 27th January, After the Annex has already become a number one best-seller in World War II biographies, and is set to be a valuable chronicling of exactly what became of the Franks and those they hid with. Bas von Benda-Beckmann is a historian currently working as a researcher at the Anne Frank House where Anne and her family hid in Amsterdam. The book is available to pre-order from all good book stores.

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