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‘Begbie’ is back in adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s The Blade Artist

Irvine Welsh’s latest novel The Blade Artist is being adapted for screen.

The actor who played Begbie in the original movie Trainspotting, Robert Carlyle, has revealed details about reprising the role of the violent psychopath for the new series.

The Irvine Welsh novel, The Blade Artist, follows Begbie years after the original story as he goes to prison, and attempts to put his life right until events make him spiral out of control once more.

The news of the latest adaptation coincides with the release of a ‘making of’ book about the movie Trainspotting. The book features contributions from the author, as well as the movie director Danny Boyle, and stars Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner and Kelly Macdonald, and Robert Carlyle.

The popularity of Trainspotting endures even 25 years later, making it the perfect time to release #25 Trainspotting.

“I get, you know, daily almost, sometimes, I get someone coming up saying ‘Begbie’ and they want to talk about the character,” Carlyle says. “He’s just transcended, far and away, from what I ever expected. I always say this, and it’s true, that I genuinely just feel privileged, you know, that I got the opportunity to play that part.”

#25 Trainspotting is due for release on the 6th December.

The Blade Artist book is out now, and the adaptation is currently being made so release will be a while off yet!


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