If you’re a true bibliophile then the chances are that book storage is a problem for you! We all know there’s no such thing as not enough books, only not enough storage space, but actually if you’re a little bit inventive you can make book storage out of the simplest of things.

Whether it’s storing books or making use of deceased or out of date books, we hope our literary projects designed to be done at home give you some inspiration!

Old Ladder Bookshelf

Find one old ladder, add some wooden or glass shelves and create a brand new bookshelf anywhere in the house for free.

Another Old Ladder Bookshelf

Or just swing the ladder the other way to create wall storage in a smaller space. I really want to do this! Old wooden ladders are hard to find.

Some Concealed Bookshelves

Or if you really don’t trust your own DIY skills, these are kind of neat, more screw it in than do it yourself, but a very inventive storage solution nonetheless.

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Build a Tardis Bookcase (for me)

Essential for reading addicts and Whovians alike is this Tardis Bookcase. I don’t have a source, sorry so no instructions, but if you made this, will you marry me?

Decoupage with Books

Decoupage is where out of date dictionaries go to die! Use PVA glue, a quality brush and some old books and you can create a whole new, interesting piece of furniture.

Turn an Old Wire Rack into a Bookshelf

A few fixings, and suddenly that old wire rack makes the perfect display for those tatty old paperbacks.

Make a Book Storage Coffee Table

If you can get your hands on an old cable reel they are perfect for turning into book storage coffee tables. Sand off the rough edges, give it a coat of paint, add some castors and spindles and you have brand new book storage!

Turn an Cupboard into a Library

Cupboards only accumulate junk. Get organised, sling out the junk and turn your built in cupboard into a beautiful mini-library.

Redecorate with Books

This would be perfect for a bathroom or small room, and out of date encyclopaedia seem to be the perfect candidate for the job! Who needs wallpaper when you’re a bibliophile?

Create a Book Nook

That space under the stairs where everyone throws their shoes? Turn it into the perfect Book Nook.

Make a Book Staircase

What a brilliant and creative way to brighten up any dull staircase. Pick your favourite books, buy some paints and recreate the spines!

Create Children’s Bookshelves from Gutters

Use plastic moulded gutters to create shelving for the kids room. All the books face forward and it’s perfect for little hands.