We’re always sharing ideas for bookish Pinterest projects and things on our Facebook page, and we love it when you try it out and send us the photos! A few months ago we shared some garden decorations, bricks that had been painted to look like well known bricks, and Heather, one of our fans took the idea and ran with it!

Yesterday Heather finished and has sent me over the photos, step by step and the completed bricks and they’re absolutely lovely! If you fancy having a go yourself, take a look.

First you’re going to need some bricks, and some paint. The bricks don’t have to be perfect, used is fine which should make it easy to find some. Your paints will need to be waterproof! Give the bricks a good scrub removing any debris and you’re ready to start.

Now you need give them covers. The ‘inside’ of the book is pages of course so you’ll want white for that, and then choose your cover colour based on the books you have chosen for this project.

Heather has chosen her favourite reads and you should do the same. They don’t have to look exactly the same as the cover, just mimic the font and you’re ready to go. This Gatsby is brilliant!

You’ll then want to repeat the process for all your chosen books. The metallic paint here really adds to the effect.

As this project is all about the spines, you don’t have to worry about cover art, leaving you extra time to ensure you can get those book spines looking perfect.

Just keep going until you have your own ‘brick shelf’, enough to make a nice display.

You might want to give them a coat of good outdoor varnish just to protect them, and then all that’s left to do is make yourself a little display, on the porch, or somewhere else around the garden. The possibilities are endless!

Massive thanks to Heather Amos Dunn for sharing her brilliant project step by step, we hope it inspires all of you to have a go yourself!