Epik Creations

“One cannot live without books”-Thomas Jefferson

Epik Creations

I am an American artist, who like many people, loves to read. Reading has been my favorite pastime since I was a child and I have always wanted to do something that involved my love of books. I am also an artist, so I decided one day that to being able to combine my love of books and art, was my main goal. To combine these two passions was difficult, I first started taking it literally, by photographing books, and that led to deciding that I wanted to be able to carry around these objects with me always.

I started out as most jewelers, as making stuff or friends, then selling here and there, then to what you see now. I have taken my love of books, in all different forms, and have made them into wearable works of art, preserving the page for generations. These pieces are all unique, not one will be the same as another, because the book page always varies slightly. Now that I have figure out how to combine these two loves, the future is an open book for me.

Each piece is handmade, all from recycled books.  These books are paired with watch parts, resin, found objects, and metal to create these beautiful wearable works of art.  You can shop from the items listed, or you can request a custom order with your favorite or word!

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