Free Kindle Books and Apps

Whilst we can all agree that we love books and most of us love paper reading, there’s no denying than eReading is really convenient and often cheap, in fact if you can’t make your way to a local library the Kindle can be a life saver and when pennies are short the free book section is the place to be. This isn’t the place for debate, if you’re here it’s because you’re interested in getting some free Kindle Books!

Free Kindle books are great for discovering up and coming authors, indie authors, or just trying out someone’s writing style before you commit to one of their more recent releases.

Both Amazon in the US and the UK offer lists of free Kindle books but if you’re not net-savvy you can miss out, we wouldn’t want that so here’s how to access all the free deals on Amazon US and UK!

Top Amazon UK free 100 list here

I can’t find a top 100 list on Amazon US, but the most effective way to find a free read is to sort by price, low to high, using the dropdown in the top corner. There are some great authors out there and some great offers available from week to week.

Top Amazon US free 100 list here

I’ve had a ton of free and cheap ebooks in my time, I think my best bargain was Life of Pi for 20p when the movie was released. I loved the book and have since replaced it with the paper version too!

If you don’t have a Kindle, then don’t worry because you can still enjoy digital downloads, even without the device. So long as you have a smartphone, or tablet, or even a desktop PC, you can download the Kindle reader to your device:

Download the Free Kindle Reader UK
Download the Free Kindle Reader US