“Jilly is a talented Scottish artist who carries a literary theme through lots of her work.”

Jilly Henderson Artist

I am a Scottish artist who uses pencil, pen and ink and watercolour on hand stained paper. My work is very quirky and I like to study animals, fantasy landscapes and people.

I also love to write, and as a drawing progresses I see a story emerge and use words to tell the unique tale of that particular piece which sets it apart from any other drawing I will do. I get inspiration from great writers and adapt sections of text by the likes of W. Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, e. e. cummings and A .A. Milne and add them into my drawings to create a meaningful artwork that has appeal. I like to add in tiny details with skinny pen nibs so that as you look into a piece you see more and more tiny hidden gems and stories.

My work is currently being published by ‘Soul’ of ‘The Really Good Card Company’ where it is printed into greetings cards and distributed worldwide. I have exhibited in galleries, group and solo exhibitions and am currently enjoying exploring the magic of online galleries and how they can make my work visible to a world of art lovers. It’s very exciting.

When you place an order I like to personalise the package envelope…you’ll always know when your artwork has arrived and no mistake!

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