Reading Tree Mural

“An artist friend of my son’s completed a reading tree mural in my house. I love it!: ~ Lynn Lape

Reading Tree Mural

“The idea for the mural started as just a tree.  I then wanted to add a book/reading them to it and joked with the artist about putting the titles to Stephen King books (I have an extensive King collection) in all the leaves. She suggested a reader under the tree instead.

It was sayings from your blog that gave me the idea to put sayings in the branches.

When I saw the preliminary sketches, I asked to add a rabbit as I knew the

the reader would be reading Watership Down, one of my top five favorite books! The rabbit is Fiver from the same.

Originally she was going to put a heart with mine and my husband’s initials in it but then changed it to a knothole–which reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird. I asked her to add the items from one of the book’s covers to the knothole.
A few leaves to give the illusion that the words are blowing on the wind and it was done!”

A huge thanks to Lynn for sharing her story, and her beautiful mural!