We hear a lot about repurposing and reuse today and thanks to sites like Pinterest it’s never been easier to get inspiration and instructions. Today I stumbled across a fantastic feature bookcase and reading on discovered it was made from cardboard, after a quick scoot around the net I discovered this is a ‘thing’, and I just had to share some of it with you!

Spiral Cardboard Bookshelf

This is the first shelf I stumbled upon, leading me to research this piece and it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t find detailed instructions on how to make it, but there is some information on the link.


Yin Yang Bookshelf

Similar to the spiral design, I really love this and it looks pretty sturdy for cardboard too.


Basic Cardboard Bookcase

While you may not think of cardboard being strong, the maker says that if you make these 20 inches wide or less, they will carry heavy, solid book. You can paint or decoupage them in any design and they look pretty cool too!

Source and instructions

Tall Colourful Cardboard Bookcase

This one probably isn’t going to take the same weight, but handy all the same and the perfect shelf for some featured sets of books and maybe even some memorabilia.

Source and instructions

Cartoon Cardboard Furniture

These pieces would look amazing in any children’s room and we love the quirkiness of them. These are made by a group called the Cartonnistes, a Parisian artist collective founded by Eric Guiomar. He’s written several books on the subject, linked below but they’re in French!

Creer son mobilier en cartoon US
Creer son mobilier en cartoon UK

You can see more of Eric Guiomar’s work here in this You Tube tutorial.

If anyone tries any of these, please do share the results with us. I think the basic bookshelves would look amazing decoupaged in old dictionary pages!


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