“The Literary Jewellery Company.”


Scribbelicious is a hand-made jewellery business based in a converted barn in Wales is full to the rafters of the damaged old books they have rescued to turn into jewellery that isn’t just pretty, it says something about what you think and read.

The Royal Shakespeare Company. Shakespeare’s Globe in London and the Brontë Parsonage at Haworth are just three of their high-profile stockists but the busy Scribblers also make custom items for individuals, creating bespoke pieces.

At the heart of Scribbelicious is the sense of individuality, and quirkiness is celebrated. A big seller is the bespoke book bracelet, where you choose a charm from each of your favourite books.
They support charitable ventures, especially book-related causes, and supply a number of lovely independent bookshops round the U.K. It really is statement jewellery!