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As time has gone by and For Reading Addicts has grown, we’re finding we get more and more queries about advertising, so for those who have asked we’ve put some advertising packages together for you. The website receives on average between 250,000 and 300,000 visitors a month, and with over 850,000 Facebook followers, we’d like to think we can help you get your bookish product seen.

Here’s a guide to the ways you can advertise with us, and the costs incurred for doing so. Please do contact us with any queries or further ideas you may have. All costs are for a calendar month.

Book Promos

One off Promo – $20

See your book/bookish product shared on our Facebook page in a post that will be shared to our 850,000+ Facebook followers.

Base Package – $40

The For Reading Addicts base package for authors will share your book twice in thirty days on Facebook and Twitter, including any offers you may be running and information you may want to include.

Booster Package – $150

If you really want to make sure you get your book seen by as many people as possible then you might want to go for the Booster Package. Not only will we share your book twice throughout the month on Facebook and Twitter, but we’ll pin your offer to the top of our Facebook page for 7 days and you’ll also feature on the site homepage (250,000+hits pcm) right at the very top as ‘Book of the Month’.


Feature Bookshop – FREE

Just email us and tell us about your bookshop, include a few of photos and contact details and we’ll add you to our bookshop section for free, and you’ll get a share on our social media platforms too.

Base Package – $40

If you own a bookshop and you’d like to feature on For Reading Addicts, the base package will see the creation of a bookshop page in our bookshop section, and this page will be shared twice in your allotted month on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Booster Package – $75

The Booster Package for bookshops will see your bookshop have its own page in our bookshop section, shared twice in your allotted month on our Facebook and Twitter, and you will be our featured bookshop of the month, having a large featured spot on the top of our Featured Bookshops page (250,000+hits pcm).

General Advertising

One off Promo – $20

See your book/bookish product shared on our Facebook page in a post that will be shared to our 850,000+ Facebook followers.

Base Package – $40

If you have a reading related product to sell, we can help you advertise it on our social media platforms. The base package will get you two social Facebook/Twitter for your product in your allotted month.

Booster Package – $75

If you want to get a bit more coverage, our booster package will give you two Facebook and Twitter shares and also see an advert for your product appear on the For Reading Addicts homepage (250,000+ hits pcm).

Deluxe Package –  $150

Of course the more your product is seen, the better and that’s why we offer the deluxe package. See your product shared on our Facebook and Twitter twice in the month, appear on a homepage ad (250,000 hits pcm), and see your add in our Word of the Day posts for an entire month, that’s a post every day for the whole month shared on all our social media platforms.

What next?

If one of our advertising packages sounds tailor made for you or your business, then fill in the contact form below.

All payments must be made by Paypal.

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Word of the Day – Fandangle

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Fandangle (noun)


A useless or purely ornamental thing: Nonsense.

Believed to have been derived from the Spanish dance Fandango which was adapted by the English to mean foolish in the early 19th century, perhaps by the Puritans of the time.

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Clout (noun)


A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object: Influence or power, especially in politics or business.

(archaic) A piece of cloth or article of clothing which is the clout mentioned in the proverb; “ne’er cast a clout till May be out” with May more likely to mean the blossom of the Hawthorn than the month.

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Word of the Day – Filch

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Middle English filchen to attack (in a body), take as booty, Old English fylcian to marshal (troops), draw (soldiers) up in battle array, derivative of gefylce band of men; akin to folk.

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