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Japan’s Alice in Wonderland Inspired Restaurants.

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Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland is loved all over the world for its escapism and fantasy. The people of Japan, in particular, have embraced the land of talking white rabbits and playing card men with the country boasting 7 restaurants dedicated to Alice and her friends. 5 of which are in Tokyo alone! After digging through their sumptuous websites, and much use of a popular translation app, here is an insight for our Reading Addicts… Another adventure for the bucket list!

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Game of Thrones Inspired Bar Comes to Edinburgh!

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The Pop-Up Geeks are a UK events team full of inspired nerdy types. They are currently based in Edinburgh, and love nothing more than entertaining their fellow geeks with themed boozing. Their latest venture is a pop-up in Scotland’s beautiful Edinburgh, inspired by the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones series.

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Literary Pubs and Bars We Would Love to Visit.

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The humble Public House is an integral part of many communities; it is the place to socialise, to meet with colleagues, to celebrate with the family, or to drown your sorrows. Over the centuries pubs and bars have been included in our stories, as stories have reflected lives we lead, and many of these pubs have become well-known and loved.

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More Outrageous Fake Book Titles Surprise Subway Users…

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Scott Rogowsky is not one to shy away from sharing his comedy with the public as we have seen with previous videos that capture him reading some odd book titles on public transport: HERE and HERE. The social experiments caused much mirth as well as much confusion… And this latest one will be no different. Be warned, Reading Addicts, although this was made with humour- you may not appreciate it, depending on how broad your mind is and how sensitive you are…

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Responds to Her Biggest Fan

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8 year old Michele Threefoot was, along with her schoolmates, given the task of coming to school dressed as a superhero. Among the children dressed as Wonderwoman, Superman, and Hulk, was Michele dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her own superhero.

Michele’s mother, Krista (to whom we give credit for the images used) is understandably very proud of her little reading addict!

As a self-professed Hufflepuff, Michele places loyalty, kindness, and honesty above all else, so it is no wonder her hero was someone with integrity and class. Being able to dress as someone she admired so greatly was a wonderful experience for Michele, so imagine how she felt when the Notorious RBG responded?

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10 John Berger Quotes To Ponder

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Booker Prize (1972) winner John Berger, born 5th November 1926 in Stoke Newington, UK, was a writer, poet, art critic and painter. His works ranged from art critique to screenplays, poetry to fiction, and he gained awards over the decades for his accomplishments. Berger died at the age of 90 on January 2017 in Paris, France, survived by his three children: film director Jacob Berger, writer and critic Katya Berger, and artist Yves Berger.

We celebrate his life and work with ten of our favourite Berger quotes, selecting some of his most thought provoking and intriguing musings.

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Carrie Fisher: The Princess Author

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Carrie Fisher is known to many as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movie series; exciting and inspiring women and men, children and ewoks all over the world with her feisty attitude and quick wit.

Her death on the 27th of December 2016 was a shock to many despite her being unwell the previous week… Many of us thought our princess would live forever. Her humour, talent, and formidable personality will be sorely missed.  Read More