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Dick Bruna, The Creator of Miffy, Dies Age 89

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Dick Bruna, the creator of beloved bunny rabbit character Miffy, has died aged 89.

He wrote and illustrated around 124 picture books, and also designed posters and books for the Black Bear pocket edition books.

During a career spanning 60 years, Bruna became internationally well-known. Although he retired in 2011, his works continued to be published in over 60 countries!

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Disney Promotes the Magic of Storytelling

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Disney has inspired children and adults alike for decades with their imaginative stories and characters. Telling stories has been a big part of Disney’s world, and they have recently been encouraging youngsters to read and even create some of their own. Magic of Storytelling is an initiative in which Disney and their partners come together to encourage and help children enter the world of story telling.

With help from Emma Watson, most recently known for her starring role in Beauty and the Beast, Disney are promoting reading and creativity for all children. One of the Disney partners is First Book, a non-profit organisation helping children in need access books and learning supplies. With Disney’s help they can ensure all children have the magic of storytelling at their fingertips.

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Crowdfunding Supports New LGBT Book Release

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On Tuesday 14th February Promised Land was released to the general public after a Crowdfunding campaign raised $40,000 (NZD) to see this project come to life.

The brains, and hearts, behind the book are writers Chaz Harris and Adam Reynolds from Wellington, New Zealand, who worked tirelessly to see this inclusive fairytale land come to life along with co-illustrators Bo Moore and Christine Luiten.

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Educational Entertainment from Horrible Histories

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In 1993 the book series ‘Horrible Histories’ started to fill book shop and library shelves. Written by Terry Deary, and illustrated by Martin Brown, the series has proven to be popular with children, parents, and teachers alike. The first two books published in ’93, Awful Egyptians, and Terrible Tudors, were jam-packed with hilarious observations and cartoonish illustrations. The series expanded to over 60 titles they now have on offer today, translated into over 30 languages! Children and adults all over the world love to delve into the gory, smelly, intriguing, and bloody historical tales on offer. Read More

Richard Burton Reads Under Milk Wood.

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Many would agree that Richard Burton had a voice like warm honey… It lent itself so well to the poetry of Welsh wordsmith, Dylan Thomas that his readings have inspired artists and animators to put images to the words. Katie Markwick produced this animation during her studies at university, and we here at For Reading Addicts love it! It is an edited version of a part of the play, but gives a wonderful feel for the tone of Thomas’s work.

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Lost and Found: Writings in Random Places

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Let me take you back in time… It is 17th century England, and Charles I is ruler. In one splendid English country house, a well-respected servant named Robert Draper sits and writes a shopping list to his friend and contemporary, Mr Bilby, residing in another.

This letter, along with two others, were to be discovered nearly 400 years later during a renovation of Knole House. Two of the notes were found by a volunteer and history enthusiast, Jim Parker, as he aided the multi-million pound restoration of the National Trust building. He later quipped about how his friends and colleagues have been calling him ‘Jimdiana Jones’ after he made these discoveries.

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If Ice Cream Flavours Were Inspired by Literature…

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This week we have been inspired by some of Ben and Jerry’s pun-filled ice cream flavours such as ‘Oat of this World’, ‘Cherry Garcia’, and ‘Karamel Sutra’, to create a list just for you Reading Addicts.

We do love a pun, and the best puns are literary puns!
From Banana Karenina to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan, we have a flavour to suit any bookish taste!

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Sam Mendes Secures Rights to Enid Blyton Stories.

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Director Sam Mendes, of Neale Street Productions, has secured rights to Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree collection of stories. Blyton’s four magical novels are up for film adaptation: The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree, The Folk Of The Faraway Tree and Up The Faraway Tree.

Enid Blyton wrote the books between 1939 and 1951, but they remain a firm favourite with many families. Blyton’s death in 1968 did not stop her from continuing to be one of the best-loved, and popular children’s authors.

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