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‘Fear’ by Bob Woodward Has Sold Almost as Many Copies in a Week as ‘The Art of the Deal’ Has in 30 Years

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Bob Woodward’s Fear is arguably the biggest book of 2018 and, despite being released only last week, has already sold over a million copies. It was reported that the book sold 750,000 copies in its first day of sales alone. Fear‘s publisher Simon & Schuster spoke to CNN on Tuesday and said it had sold more than 1.1 million copies, making it the fastest selling book in the company’s history. A tenth printing is currently on order which will push book sales up to 1.2 million copies sold.
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Church Leaders Call for Ban on LGBT Books, During Banned Books Week

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Established by the American Library Association in 1982, Banned Books Week begins every year on the last week of September. The week celebrates books that have been censored or outright banned over the years and reminds us of the importance of information and freedom of speech, as well as showing us how books can be used tackle difficult or sensitive topics and themes.

To celebrate the week, a library in Rumford, Maine created a display featuring books that have, and continue to be, banned in various parts of the world. As you can imagine, books focusing on the topic of same-sex relationships are heavily censored, and thus the display featured several LGBT books such as Kabi Nagata’s My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and David Lev’s Two Boys Kissing. Both books have been released to great acclaim from critics but also face heavy resistance, with Two Boys Kissing being the fifth most banned book of 2016. Read More

George R.R. Martin Thinks ‘Game of Thrones’ Could’ve Run for 13 Seasons

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Game of Thrones is set to air its eighth and final season in the Spring of next year, but the author of the books the show is based on, George R.R. Martin, believes the show could’ve run for as many as 13 seasons.

Whilst speaking with Variety at the Emmy Awards on Monday, Martin said: “We could’ve gone 11, 12, 13 seasons,” He added the decision to end the series was up to the showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Read More

Haruki Murakami Withdraws His Book from This Year’s Alternative Nobel Prize

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Famed Japanese author Haruki Murakami has requested that his 2017 book Killing Commendatore be withdrawn from this year’s alternative Nobel Prize in Literature award. This year sees an alternative award called the New Academy Prize in Literature, as the original has been postponed this year following a sexual misconduct scandal.

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Author Who Published Essay Called ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Has Been Charged with Murdering Her Husband

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Portland-based romance novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy has a history of writing about troubled relationships. Her books often centre around turbulent relationships and one of her novels, called The Wrong Cop, follows a woman who fantasizes about killing her husband,. while another novel, called The Wrong Husband, features a woman faking her own death in order to be free of her abusive husband.

As The Washington Post reports, in 2011, Crampton Brophy published a blog on See Jane Publish called How to Murder Your Husband, which saw the author write about the motives and weapons she might use were she to write a novel about a woman killing her husband. The post has since been made private, advised against hiring a hit-man, as they will often rat you out, and also stated poison isn’t a good idea as you don’t want to have to be around a sick lover.
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First Irish Book Week to Be Held This October

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Publishing Ireland and Bookselling Ireland are teaming up to bring us the Irish Book Week, a seven day, nationwide celebration of Irish books, authors, and bookshops. The inaugural event will see the Irish Book Week begin from 27th October to 3rd November.

As The BookSeller reports, the week long event will see book related activities take place across Ireland with the focus being on celebrating Irish books and writers who have played an important role in shaping Irish culture. Read More

To Kill a Mockingbird Becomes a Graphic Novel

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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird was first published in 1960 and is arguably one of the finest novels ever written. The book has been critically acclaimed for its exploration into racism, innocence, and justice, and it has more than earned the title of a modern classic.

If you’re a fan of the original novel, or you’re a comic book nerd who’s heard great things about the book, then you’ll be pleased to learn that To Kill a Mockingbird is being adapted into a 260 page graphic novel that follows the original story with beautiful illustrations.
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