7 New Twisty Turny Thrillers That Could be This Year’s Gone Girl

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We all love a good thriller, and the genre has never been so popular. After Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl rewrote the genre we’ve seen so many exciting thrillers, often with strong female characters, all designed to make you change your loyalties from page to page, and that trend is continuing with some fantastic books released this year, filling the void perfectly.

There are hundreds of new thrillers out this year, but for this post we’re specifically featuring books that we think could be this year’s “Gone Girl”, the thriller that kept us all on a roller coaster ride before being made into a major movie. Read More

10 Wry and Clever Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

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George Bernard Shaw was born on the 26th of July in 1856 in Dublin, Ireland. He was a playwright and critic, who often took a satirical view of issues of the time. His well-known trademark drama and humour shows up in his critical look at class and middle-class morals, the play Pygmalion, which was adapted in 1956 as My Fair Lady. 

Bernard Shaw (as he preferred to be called) has been heralded as second only to Shakespeare, as the most influential and important playwright of our time. His intelligent theatre style engaged the audience in a way no one else had been able to, paving the way for writers such as John Galsworthy.

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Alexandre Dumas

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On 24th July 1802 Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie, better known today as Alexandre Dumas was born in Picardy, France. The youngest of three children, and the only boy he was educated at military school and would go on to become one of the greatest writers of the day. His novels have been translated into over one hundred languages and today he is one of the most widely read French authors of all time.

Today, we’re filling in the gaps on his life, with five things you might not know about Alexandre Dumas and the books he wrote. Read More

6 Books Sean Spicer Should Have Read

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Sean Spicer was an American political aide who served as White House Press Secretary and White House Communications Director under President Donald Trump in 2017.

After an organisational shake-up, Spicer resigned, citing his disappointment in a recent appointment of a new communications director. President Trump appointed Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci in the role Spicer had partially filled himself.


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Cast Your Eyes over This Literary Map of the World

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We love books because they can transport us from our own little corner of the world and allow us to visit far off places we may never get to see in real life. We’ve been on road trips across the United States with Jack Kerouac, visited England in the 1800’s with Charles Dickens, and mixed with Russian nobles in War and Peace.

Good literature can allow us to taste the flavour of a country without leaving the house and can broaden our horizons almost as much as travelling. The site Global English Editing has put together a fantastic map of the world that shows each country being represented by its most famous book. Some countries have a number of highly respected authors, do you agree with each countries’ selection? Read More

Flirting Lessons from Shakespeare, the Romantic Bard

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Have you ever wanted to woo someone and simultaneously show how cultured you are?

Is the object of your affection a big Shakespeare fan, or with a penchant for all things Elizabethan?

Look no further than these flirty lines from the ultimate romantic: William Shakespeare. Our bard offers some of the best lessons in flirting…

Here are ten of his greatest lines, guaranteed to help you find love*.

(*Disclaimer: we may be exaggerating…)

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Your Stunning Literary Tattoos.

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Tattoos are a huge part of our culture now, and everyone from your doctor to your grandmother can get themselves inked. They are no longer a sign of a bad-boy type, nor do they stand in the way of someone getting that high-powered job they are after. Even our very own Reading Addicts have had themselves permanently adorned with pictures and quotes inspired by their favourite books and authors.

A while back we featured a picture of one of the best character-inspired tattoos we have ever seen. It prompted many of you to tell us about ones you had seen, and even ones you had had done yourself.

We asked you to send an email to with pictures of your very own literary tattoos, and you did not disappoint!

Here are your stunning tattoos inspired by your favourite books…

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Agatha Christie’s Secret Letters to be Revealed

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Today we bring you the news that as part of the HarperCollins 200th anniversary the publisher will be releasing ‘the secret history between Agatha Christie and her long-standing publisher, HarperCollins’.

The ‘candid photographs’ and ‘touching letters’ were unearthed from a Glasgow archive and will form part of a new exhibition celebrating the company’s 200th anniversary. Read More

The Parthenon of Banned Books

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A tremendous art installation replicating a Greek Parthenon has been constructed by Argentinian artist, Marta Minujín.

The 74 year old has created this giant symbol of resistance to political repression from 100,000 copies of banned books.

The installation is based in Kassel, Germany and is part of the Documenta 14 art festival. Minujín identified over 170 banned book titles with the help from local students and constructed the full-size parthenon from the banned books held in steel structures with plastic sheeting to protect them.

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