Stephen King Offers Free Short Story

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One of our favourites here at For Reading Addicts is murder-mayhem-maestro Stephen King. From his grizzly and gruesome horrors to his snappy short stories, his fans are never without something King to be reading.

Recently King has offered one of his short stories for free online. The story is Laurie and follows a man and his journey through the late stages of grief and a beautiful gift his sister gives him to help him through his pain. In typical King style it is richly written, with a story that sucks you straight in (no spoilers).

Follow the link below to read the free short story for yourself.

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Word of the Day – Effulgent

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Effulgent (adj)


Shining brightly; radiant. / (of a person or their expression) emanating joy or goodness.

Mid 18th century (earlier ( mid 17th century) as effulgence): from Latin effulgent- ‘shining brightly’, from the verb effulgere, from ex- ‘out’ + fulgere ‘to shine’.

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Hilariously Unfortunate Library Label Placements

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Library labels and book store stickers are often placed randomly by an overworked and underpaid assistant… It is understandable, therefore, that occasionally the sticker hits the wrong spot and makes for a shocking change in title.

Or perhaps some of these are placed purposefully to make a customer giggle or blush… Take a look for yourself and let us know what your think.

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Women’s Storybook Project Celebrates 15 Years of Helping Incarcerated Mothers Read to Their Children

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For the past 15 years, the Women’s Story Book Project of Texas has been helping women in prison remain connected to their children by allowing inmates who have maintained good behaviour to read to their children. The organisation provides the mothers with a range of books to choose from and helps record them onto CD’s so their children can still hear their mother’s voice reading to them.

One inmate, named Myeisha Garcia, who a part of the programme finished her recording by saying “We’ve come a long way, and I love you,” to her two daughters who currently live with their grandmother. She was sentenced to 10 years after she was charged for manslaughter after killing her boyfriend in a domestic violence fight which she claims was self defence.
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Hilarious Tweets From Harry Potter Noobs

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Apparently there are people who haven’t read or watched Harry Potter.

Yeah, I KNOW.

Thanks to the power of social media we now have a unique insight into the thoughts and emotions of those Potter noobs as they make their way through the Potterverse.

Twitter contains some of the most hilarious responses to a first-timer, especially as they watch the movie adaptation and live-tweet as they go…

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5 David Attenborough Books Perfect For Any Nature Lover

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National treasure (or may I say, international treasure), Sir David Attenborough, has been fighting the good fight for flora and fauna since childhood. David was born on the 8th of May 1926 in Middlesex, England, and spent his childhood collecting fossils and other natural specimens. One of his sisters gave him prehistoric creatures contained within a piece of amber; 50 years later, that gift became the focus of his programme The Amber Time Machine.

Sir David has been a significant figure in British Broadcasting having spent over 50 years on our screens, using his strength and compassion to give a voice to the natural world. We have picked out 5 of the many wonderful books he has been involved with; perfect for any nature lover or Attenborough fan.

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One graphic artist draws favourite emotional scenes from Harry Potter

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Graphic artist, Loquacious Literature (aka: Katie Knudson) noticed some of her favourite scenes were left out of the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter movies so she filled in the gaps with her own art. Her magical drawings bring the Potterverse to life once more, drawing upon some of the more emotional scenes neglected in the screenplay, but nevertheless very important to fans worldwide.

Check out some below, but also go give her a follow on Tumblr if you enjoyed this sample of what she has to offer.

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7 Books Star Wars Fans Will Love

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Star Wars was created.

Star Wars is an epic science-fiction franchise created by George Lucas in 1977, and since its creation has gained millions of loyal fans. The Star Wars universe extends past its original movies into television, books, graphic novels, and all the merchandise you could possibly imagine.

By delving into that universe we have come out with an idea of what books a space opera, science-fiction nerd may enjoy… Let us know if you would add any more to the list!

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10 Places from Literature We’d Love to Visit This Summer

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Summer is right around the corner and we’re all looking forward to basking in the sun, hitting the beach, and enjoying warm evenings with friends. No doubt many of you are looking forward to a quick getaway for a week or two and there are certainly many far off and interesting places to visit. From the seemingly buoyant city of Venice to the breathtaking national parks found across the United States, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the real world but, for bibliophiles, there are also many other special places to visit, places that can only be explored via the books within which they exist. Read More

William Shakespeare the Plagiariser Playwright?

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Over the centuries there have been rumours surrounding William Shakespeare, the Elizabethan/Jacobean poet and playwright. From one rumour accusing William of being a group of poets rather than one man, to a rumour saying he was actually Queen Elizabeth I, it seems Shakespeare was too good to be true for some- as the Ted-Ed video shows below.

It turns out some of the more suspicious among us may have been correct. Shakespeare may have not been the genius we have all painted him as after all as latest revelations show he may have plagiarised a manuscript from the 1500s.

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