Zoe Ball to Host Television Book Club

Has anyone ever noticed the lack of literature related television? While we understand that the two things are crossover media, there are television programmes about everything possible, cookery, theatre, politics, and virtually every other subject under the sun, but television based around literature is so rare I’m struggling to think of a single example.

However, all that could be about to change as Zoe Ball is to host a new TV book club, airing on ITV from mid-June. The show is to be made by Cactus TV in association with Specsavers and will run until mid-August, focusing on one book each week as part of the show.

Publishers can submit titles, and readers can find out all the lowdown at cactustvbookclub.co.uk, with publishers given until 6th April to submit books for consideration. The show will also be accompanied by an extensive campaign supporting the book club through bookshops, libraries and Specsavers stores.

Zoe Ball says she can’t wait for the show, calling it her ‘passion project’ as she is an avid reader, and hopefully the show will prove that there is a place on mainstream television for literature and literature related shows.

Reading has never been so cool, and much of that is due to Instagammers, and even pages like our own, bringing literature back into the eye of the public again. Hopefully this new show will do even more for the hobby of reading, and bring even more people to literature.

Does the New Trailer for Good Omens Contain Release Date Clues?

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So the new trailer for the television adaptation of Good Omens is here, and according to co-author Neil Gaiman, it contains clues to the release date of the show. As yet all that has been announced is that it will be released in the spring, and the trailer concurs, but Gaiman promises a hidden message.

The trailer is just mostly scrolling explanatory text that explains the apocalyptic plot, can you find the hidden clues? Here it is.
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The Trailer and Release Date for American Gods Season Two is Here

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It feels like we’ve been waiting for an age for season two of American Gods. The adaptation from the Neil Gaiman novel has been fantastic and season one got things off to a brilliant start.

Season one introduced us to Shadow Moon, who the story revolves around as he meets Wednesday, Mad Sweeney and the rest of the gods in what was a visual treat with some fantastic special effects. The adaptation received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Main Title Design and Outstanding Special Visual Effects and three nominations in the Critics’ Choice Television awards including Best Drama, Best Actor (McShane) and Best Supporting Actress (Gillian Anderson).

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Publisher Sues Netflix Over “Black Mirror” Bandersnatch

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It’s been billed as a groundbreaking moment in television, Bandersnatch from Black Mirror is a choose your own adventure movie, similar to the books that were famous in the 1980s.

I loved the 1980s books but in a scene reminiscent to the show itself, publishers ChooseCo is suing Netflix for $25 million, or the profits for the episode, claiming that the streaming service infringed on its trademarked format for the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie.

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Tom Baker has written a new Doctor Who novel

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Tom Baker is best known as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor in the BBC series of Doctor Who.

His stint as The Doctor continued for 7 series- consisting of a massive 172 episodes, and he still remains one of the most popular Doctors to this day. His love for the Whoniverse continues as shown by his latest project- Scratchman- a Fourth Doctor novel that never saw the light of day, until now! The novel is dark, exciting, tense, and just perfectly Who. Tom’s inimitable wordsmithery combined with the gripping plot will guarantee this novel real success.

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America Selects its Favourite Read

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A few months ago we brought you the news that PBS were bringing The Great American Read to our televisions but the show was only accessible to those in the US. The show has been a huge success and through the show and votes, America chose its one hundred favourite reads.

A few nights ago the final show launched, which meant Number 1 in the Great American Read was announced. It will come as no surprise to many to hear that the number one book was selected as Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, but there were a few surprises throughout the list.

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