Man Returns Library Book 53 Years Overdue

By March 26, 2019 Libraries, News

In 1966, a 13-year-old student named Harry Krame checked out Lewis Gannet’s The Family Book Of Verse from his school library. The book was seemingly forgotten until, 53 years later, while cleaning out his basement, the 65-year-old discovered he still had the book and vowed to return it.


53 years after checking it out, Krame returned to his old school, now known as the Memorial Middle School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and asked to speak to the school’s principal. Krame joked that when he was asked his name, he said he couldn’t give it as he was in the witness protection program.

He explained his shock and guilt when he discovered the old book. “It lasted a few seconds,” he said. “It was like holy **** I still have (it).” With an overdue fee of 10 cents a day, Krame could have been looking at a fine of up to $2,000, but he didn’t need to worry.

“We’re not looking to collect on it,” said the vice principal of Memorial Middle School, Dominick Tarquinio, who was surprised to see a former student return decades later.

You can watch CBS‘ report below:

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