Ocasio-Cortez stars in a butt-kicking graphic novel!

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York rep and fresh face of American politics, will star as an ass-kicking superhero in a comic book created by Devil’s Due Comics. 

The team behind the commemorative comic announced recently that a team of artists are working on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force. Issue #1, New Party: Who Dis?” The title came about after AOC’s pithy reply to a former Democratis senator who said how he hoped she ‘was not the new face of the Democratic Party’, to which Alexandria replied “New party- who dis?”

Devil’s Due Comics stated that the new comic book will see Ocasio-Cortez “engage in a series of super-heroic mini-adventures, taking on the GOP establishment from within. To boot, this anthology comic satirically skewers everyone from President Trump to his near-endless team of morally-compromised Republican cronies,” They also noted that book will feature “bonus” activities and games like “Where’s Mitch?”

Publisher of Devil’s Due, Josh Blaylock said the company wants to “create something that celebrates the fresh new energy and diversity of the stagnated legislative body, and help some good causes at the same time. It’s no secret that AOC has been made the unofficial leader of the new school and has sparked new life into Washington. And that’s reflected in the enthusiasm we received from so many contributing artists. While we all don’t agree on everything, we share a common excitement for the breath of fresh air the new Congress brings. I hope it’s as much of a cathartic release for readers as it has been for us creators.”

The publishing company also promised to redirect part of its sales from the comic book to the America’s United Service Organizations and RaicesTexas.org, which provides free legal services to underserved immigrant children, families and refugees.

The comic is due for release on May 15th.

DC Comics cancel latest comic after backlash from conservative Christians

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DC Comics have had to withdraw from a new comic series after negative backlash from confused American conservative Christians.

Second Coming was meant to be released with DC’s Vertigo on March the 6th 2019, but the comic has since been cancelled thanks to a petition from conservative Christians. The petition stated the series was “outrageous and blasphemous”, with negativity whipped up by hyperbolic and hysterical US news outlets Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network. Eventually the petition gained 230,000 signatures- it begs the question how many of those signatures were reacting to their biased news source or researched the comic themselves before making a judgement about it?

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Michelle Obama’s Becoming Likely to Become Most Popular Memoir Ever

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Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming, certainly caused a stir upon release. In the first fifteen days it became the bestselling books of 2018 and soon after Barnes and Noble made it book of the year 2018. Now it’s on track to become the most popular memoir ever released, according to its publisher.

Becoming, first published just five months ago has just surpassed 10 million copies sold and publishers Bertelsmann say that they believe that the figure would make it the most popular memoir ever released.

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Sales of Political Books Have Almost Doubled over the past Two Years

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The world of politics has seemed especially pervasive over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. US President Donald Trump sparks one controversy after another, the UK and Europe are battling it out over Brexit, North Korea remains an ever growing threat, and Russian trolls seem to be everywhere. It’s no wonder that sales of political books have almost doubled in the past two years as readers try and make sense of it all.

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CNN correspondent to write book about attacks on press

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CNN’s chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, is currently writing a book concerning governmental pressures on the free press.

It is no secret that Jim Acosta and US President Donald Trump have had more than one head-to-head during White House briefings with the press. A contentious briefing after the mid-term elections prompted Trump to suspend Acosta’s press pass, however his decision was later overturned by a federal judge.

Acosta’s book, which was being written well before Trump’s attempted ban on the CNN correspondent, will show “never-before-revealed stories of this White House’s rejection of truth, while laying out the stakes for how Trump’s hostility toward facts poses an unprecedented threat to our democracy” according to the publishers HarperCollins.

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‘Becoming’ Named Barnes & Noble’s Book of the Year!

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Becoming by Michelle Obama became the fastest selling book of 2018 and has now been named as Barnes & Noble’s Book of the Year 2018.

It seems nothing can stop Mrs Obama’s memoirs from reaching many places around the globe including Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Korea, and South Africa.

Thanks to its great success the US literary giants Barnes & Noble have named Becoming as their Book of the Year 2018.

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Irvine Welsh Wades in on Brexit and US Politics in His Own Unique Voice

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Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting and many other gritty Scottish tomes is a regular on Twitter and can often be found wading in on the issues of the day.

The Scottish author and social commenter has made no secret of the fact that he thinks Brexit sucks and after government discussions, resignations and the possibility of a Brexit deal this week he’s made his feelings on the matter well known.
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