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Gay Dinosaur Erotica Author Trolls US Governor

By March 8, 2022News, Political

Chuck Tingle, the world’s only gay dinosaur erotica author, has trolled a US governor to hit back at the Texas anti-trans agenda.

Right wing Texas governor Greg Abbott was the target of Tingle’s trolling after the governor issued a directive last month to Texas’ Department of Family and Protective Services, ordering them to investigate the parents of transgender children for child abuse.

Frighteningly, the order has already resulted in state officials demanding medical records from parents in the homes and schools of transgender children, wrongly accusing their parents and guardians of child abuse.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, Chuck Tingle decided to purchase and troll the governor via the website.

On Chuck writes:

I’m Gorg Abbott, certified devil.

Do you like saying you’re for small government then building a hate-based platform around exerting power over other people whose lives are none of your business? I do too!

Do you claim to care about your community but waste funds on border wall projects that statistically don’t work and are ethically abhorrent? I do too!

Have you stared into the cosmic abyss and heard the moans of a thousand collapsing stars, shaking and drooling as time stretches into an endless gaping maw? Shal T’Chull Suggahall!”

Chuck then goes on to ask:

“What if I don’t hate people who are different than me?

If you’re not frothing at the mouth with belligerent hatred and ignorant bigotry, then maybe supporting Gorg Abbott isn’t for you!

If something seems off about this website, it’s possible you may actually be a decent human being!”

There are links to the Trans Lifeline, the Transgender Law Center, and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, all charities that support to trans women and trans men.

By following the ‘Chuck’ link at the top of the page, readers will be taken to their own website and a range of Chuck’s amazing and bizarre LGBTQ fictions, including Straight a new novella depicting a horrifying chasm appearing in the universe that turns straight cisgender people in to hateful and spiteful creatures hellbent on causing violence and chaos.

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