Read science fiction written by artificial intelligence.

By October 20, 2019Literature, News

Science fiction can draw you into another world, all alien and strange, but more strange still is science fiction written by artificial intelligence.

Tired of books written by authors? Try BooksBy.AI”

Entirely written by AI, the novels are readable, if a little like someone has put the whole story through Google Translate a few times, and definitely ‘out there’. The strangeness the AI adds to the stories is almost creepy, but creepier still is the fact AI also designs the covers, comes up with the titles, and writes the reviews!

The way it works is by exposing the AI to as much science fiction as possible and then it regurgitates what it has learnt by mimicking the language, style and visual appearance of the books it has been shown.

Artificial intelligence designs the covers:

AI also generates its own reviews:

Buy your own AI generated sci fi here:

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