The Bonkbuster is Back and You Can Blame Bodice-Ripping Bridgerton

The bonkbuster is back en vogue and it’s all thanks to that Bridgerton! Over the last year, this bodice ripping period drama has had readers enthralled, and while we may joke, it’s led to a rise in interesting in stories about sexual intimacy, and in particular ones that are not written/filmed through the male gaze.

Bridgerton, based on the novels by Julia Quinn has taken Netflix viewers by storm. The books are based between 1813 and 1827 and features the children of the late Viscount Bridgerton. While billed as period dramas, the series is heavy on sexual tension and popular with female viewers and readers.

Another excellent adaptation that features sexual intimacy like has never been seen on screen before is Normal People, adapted from the novel by Sally Rooney. The book was already a bestseller, but the show became an instant success for the BBC last year.

And while we’re making recommendations, a current bestseller in this category is the brilliant Secrets in the Dark, by Ceril Campbell, a raunchy tale of friendship set in the free for all that was the 1970s.

And because the bonkbuster doesn’t have to fit a mould, we’re also recommending The Inverts by Crystal Jeans, a roaring 1920s raunchy tale of two best friends who get married, but are also having an affair with each other. Like Gatsby but with more representation, and a stack more sexual tension!

Our final recommendation of the day is Daisy Buchanan’s Insatiable, and just as the title suggests, this book follows the tale of insatiable, curvaceous, twenty-something Violet that is heavy on the erotica!

The bonkbuster is back, and while the format has changed, and we are seeing more female authors capture intimacy on the page, the sex and erotica is plentiful! Our predication is that you can expect to see a lot more novels on this theme in the bestsellers section. You heard it here first!

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