“Superbly engaging, balancing delightful wackiness with genuine tenderness throughout in a way reminiscent of Michael Chabon or Jonathan Lethem.”


This was truly a fun read from beginning to end. This is the story of the Telemachus family. Everyone in this family has psychic powers except for the Dad, Ted, who is a top of the line con man.

The children are Buddy, who can tell the future, Frankie, who can move things with his mind and Irene, who is the human lie detector. But the real power lies with the Mother, Maureen, who may be one of the most powerful psychics on Earth.

Maureen will die while she is still young, leaving the family in the hands of Ted. Their is also a very gifted grandchild named Marty, who takes after his Mother.

The story is told in flashbacks, and the family will run into the Federal Government and the Mob, one which will try to exploit the family, while the other will be an unwanted intrusion into the family life. At times very funny, other times sad, this book is full of surprises and enough subplots to keep you busy guessing how it will all turn out.

This book was named as one of the top 20 novels of the year by Amazon. At 300 pages, I actually wished it was a little longer.

Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 22nd December 2017

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