“Living up to the smash hit Ready Player One – turned into a film by Steven Spielberg – was never going to be easy, but Ernest Cline’s wry and savage sequel shows how it should be done… A wild ride. Make this into a movie now.”


Ready Player Two starts a week after Wade/Parcivel and his crew won the contest in Ready Player One. They are in control of the OASIS and richer than their wildest dreams. Then something is revealed to Wade. A new technology created by Halliday but never released. Halliday is leaving it up to Wade to decide if the world is ready. The crew votes 3 against 1 to release it to the public and that’s where the book really begins.

The new technology takes over humanity more than the OASIS ever did. After a vast majority of the population has adopted this technology, then a new contest pops up. Another egg hunt from Halliday, but Wade is one of only two people who must complete the quest. The quest is longer – 7 parts and Wade finds he isn’t prepared. He must admit his own shortcomings and ask for help. The stakes are HUGE! This isn’t about money or power, it’s about lives. Lots of lives.

I found the first 90 pages or so a little slow, but then the new quest really begins and from there it flew by. Full of action and nostalgia for the 80’s; (video games, movies, t.v, music and books) as well as new technology. It was fun and enjoyable, a good progression for a sequel.


Reviewed by:

Leah Filsinger

Added 22nd January 2021

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