“Another smash hit . . . With Backman’s stunning characters combined with a closed-room mystery, this has all of the ingredients for a novel all your friends will be talking about.”


Just finished Anxious People by Fredrick Bachman.
The latest novel by the author begins with a suicidal attempt, then a bank robbery, a hostage situation which features the worst hostages ever, and two police officers, a father and son team, whose job it is to apprehend the criminal and solve the crime.

What you also get are some amazing characters, some linked together in ways they don’t understand, but who all have a very distinctive point of view which few seem to be shy about expressing to anyone who will listen.
Full of quick, sarcastic and witty dialogue that only enhanced the many intricate plots to the story that makes this another delightful read.
Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 8th October

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