“Ho’s strong debut follows two Taiwanese American besties from grade school through their 30s, flipping through decades to highlight key relationships, crises, nights of drinking and sex. Other people, the world and the girls themselves change, but the friendship between beautiful Fiona and sturdy Jane endures.”


Just finished Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho. Audible version.
This story is about the women in the title. They both have known each other since childhood. They will separate for awhile, then come back together, but their story is about how friendship goes through many channels and all the incidents in people’s lives which in time will cause separation from so many other people, including family, sometimes shows that true friendship can survive the seemingly insurmountable objects we face during life.

Fiona is a beautiful, straight girl that leaves Taiwan for Los Angeles. Jane, who is gay, stays behind for awhile until finally making her way to LA.
We learn about the many relationships they go through, including betrayals and broken hearts. Fiona eventually moves to New York, and Jane will eventually follow.

The heart of the story is the depths that true friends go through, experiencing relationships they share with each other, the competition between the two which is inevitable, and the deep feelings for each other, knowing that eventually they will each have the others back.
A terrific character study that is both moving and entertaining.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 23rd February 2022

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