“R. GIRIDHARAN churns out murder mysteries both in the form of books and screenplays.”


This is a thrill a minute crime story with a 6 foot tall handsome 26 year old who is at the top of his game. A girl’s murder triggers off a whole string of murders that seem to be unrelated since they are all dead scientists with a formula that is about to break. The scientific team is poisoned one way or the other, whether it’s through ricin – the poison of choice for disposing of rival spies – or snake venom or cyanide smeared on hotel taps. Inspector Vijay finds himself abruptly shifted to traffic by his green eyed rivals Rathore and Godbole while losing his heart to the lissom crime reported Padmini who has a knack for detection and yes it proves the female of the species is as adept as the male.

Giridharan throws African mambas and snake charmers against a high tech backdrop sometimes in a rather unlikely fusion, especially when it comes to the slow acting 20 minute deadline given to cyanide which was the essential component of suicide capsules amongst spies. However, Giridharan can be pardoned for his innovations on the poison theme. For those with time to kill, this thriller might raise a few eyebrows.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 18th December 2020

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