“A cracking good thriller, tense and unpredictable .”



Well I can see why Someone Else’s Skin won the Theakstons Old Peculier crime novel of the year award. It’s got everything you want in a crime novel: crime, multiple theories twists and a cracking police officer as the main character.

We are introduced DI Marnie Rome and her team. Rome and one of her sergeants, Noah Jake arrive at a women’s refuge to quiz a woman about the misdemeanours of her brothers only to find a man bleeding to death from a stab wound and his wife in a state. This chance visit causes a chain reaction of events leading to missing persons but who is pulling the strings?

I loved the relationship between Rome and Jake, it felt like he was her favourite DS. And the chemistry between Rome and the social worker Ed Belloc, there were sparks from the start! Will it aspire to anything? I really hope so, Rome deserves some happiness!

The subject of domestic violence is a sensitive one to do and do right but I think (not being an expert or anything) Sarah Hilary has got it right. Not just the expected “husband physically abusing his wife” but psychological abuse and inter-family abuse.

I really enjoyed this book, but unfortunately real life got in the way of me devouring it! I’m looking forward to reading No Other Darkness which is sat waiting patiently on my Kindle. And I’m very excited to hear there is a third outing for Marnie Rome in 2016!


Reviewed by:

Claire Knight

Added 5th August 2015

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