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12 Unique Alternative Bookshelf Ideas

By October 11, 2015December 13th, 2020Inspired by Literature

Any reading addict will agree that the main problem that any bibliophile has is book storage! I moved house a year ago and I’m still trying to rearrange my books and get organised and so I’ve been looking around the net for some innovative book storage solutions and I found so many cool ideas I wanted to share some of them with you!

If you’re looking for some practical, or not so practical book storage solutions then you’re in the right place!

The Higgledy-Piggledy book stack

Now I have dogs and this solution just isn’t going to work for me, and while there are stacks of books all over my home none of them look quite as artistic as this stack!

From our Facebook page

Old Piano Book Shelf

Sadly I don’t have an old piano lying around either, but if anyone does have an old out of date piano then what better way to repurpose the beauty of it?


The Book Den

This looks amazing but I’m not sure how well it would work really. You’d have to switch it around all the time to get to the books that you wanted. Although, I guess if the alternative is having them packed in storage then why not!


Under Stair Nook

Of course if you want to go the whole hog and create a whole reading corner then utilising the space under the stairs is just perfect. This book nook is adorable and the perfect place to get comfy.

From our Facebook page

Vintage Ladder Book Stack

This isn’t the first ladder book stack we’ve seen, we feature a wall one on our bookish projects page too. This is beautiful though, and what a lovely way to feature old books!


These Bookshelf Stairs

What a great way to make the most of some unused space! Though this is a bit minimalistic for me, it’s totally ingenious!


Or These Ones

Oh yes, that’s more my taste. I do love a bit of clutter.


One for the Kids

Some old crates, a lick of paint, a bit of artistic skill and you have the perfect feature bookcases for the children’s room. We love this one!

From our Facebook page

The Book Tree

They say knowledge is growth and you can represent that perfectly with this beautiful book tree! It may not be the most practical solution if you have a lot of books but it sure is beautiful.


The Hall of Book

When space is at a premium you have to fit things in where you can. I particularly love this one, and so much space too.


Some of those are wonderful, but if you’re looking for something you can do yourself at home then be sure to check out our Literary Projects page for some arty inspiration.

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