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Literary Valentine’s Day

By February 13, 2017February 13th, 2019Inspired by Literature, Literature

Happy Valentine’s Day from us at

For Reading Addicts!

Have you ever wondered what your favourite author, or most-loved character would write in their Valentine’s cards? Well, wonder no more!

We have produced 14 funny and groan-worthy Valentine’s cards with a literary twist just for you on this most romantic of days… Enjoy!


You make me feel textual…

We hope you have enjoyed our silly, punny list of literary Valentine’s.

Feel free to suggest your own and maybe we will make a new list next year!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Reading Addicts.

Middle Earth men reimagined as terrible ex-boyfriends

By Inspired by Literature, Uncategorized
Middle Earth men are a special bunch, and someone on Twitter certainly saw something relatable within their characters.

Alex Arrelia reimagined the men of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as ‘bad ex-boyfriends who ruined your life’ and the results are hilarious.

The gender-queer writer has an uncanny way of describing the Middle Earth hunks, click on the gallery below and scroll through to see if you recognise any from your own past…

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Graham Norton to Launch Book Club Podcast with Audible

By Inspired by Literature, News
Some exciting news today as we hear that Graham Norton is launching his own book club podcast exclusively through Audible, and it’s to feature some exciting guests! The Graham Norton Book Club will be available as a podcast from 13th May 2021, and features the Irish TV star and writer in conversation with some well-known audiobook narrators, and authors, talking all things literature, audiobooks, and more! Read More

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Magical Harry Potter-inspired Walking Tour Celebrates Trans Lives

By Children's Literature, Inspired by Literature, Literary Places, News
Queer-owned business, Exploratorium, has launched a new, Covid-safe walking tour which is inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter and declares “magic is for all!” It celebrates the colourful history of transgender people, all while raising money for a trans children’s charity, Mermaids.

As locals and tourists return to shops that are currently re-opening in England as part of the government’s roadmap, a five-storey pink townhouse on Greek Street, Soho dedicated to this magical exhibition is one of the countless retailers opening their doors to visitors.

Unlike many tours of London which see tourists follow a guide (usually holding an umbrella), Exploratorium’s latest venture is a self-guided tour. It costs just £5 to participate in the tour and you simply purchase a magical map online or in person. Wands can also be added to your package or borrowed from each location on the tour for free. All profits from the magical maps and any t-shirts purchased go to the charity Mermaids.
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Artist draws Harry Potter scenes missing from the movies

By Arty, Inspired by Literature, News
An artist from Orlando, Florida has drawn scenes missing from the Harry Potter movie franchise, much to the delight of Potterheads everywhere.

Katie Knudson told Bored Panda: “My mother read Harry Potter books to me as I read. Even when I was in high school, the last thing came to light. It was an extraordinary relationship between the two of us. Fixed!

After someone reminded her of a missing scene between Luna and Harry, where Luna tells Harry that she supports him, Katie thought she had to bring it to life.

“I just thought it was a great scene and I really felt the urge to draw it. It was so well received that I realised I wasn’t the only one who forgot it. And I remembered the deleted scenes, so I kept looking for them and drawing them!”

Katie captures some of the most emotional and heart-wrenching scenes that fans of the books adore such as a moment between Neville and his grandmother.

“Anything that is emotional or constructive for any character, like Neville’s parents. It’s sad when I forget the development of such a character.”

“It can take anywhere from 10-10 hours to plan and sketch the scene,” Katie adds. “I can try to get them to correct the text as much as I can.”

If you like what you see below, check out more at Katie’s Tumblr or Twitter pages.

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Will artificially intelligent generated prose threaten poets’ livelihoods?

By Inspired by Literature, News, Poetry
Artificial intelligence has been taught how to write poetry after being provided with thousands of lines from contemporary British poets.

The algorithm was fed lines from poets such as Alice Oswald then given ‘seed words’ in order to generate couplets.

Poetry experts then combed through the couplets to select what worked and what did not until the AI created poetry that could be compared to modern poets. Poetry Society, Poetry Archive, and Scottish Poetry Library worked over a five-month period, working through over 40,000 couplets generated by the artificial intelligent algorithm.

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Bookish TikToks That Will See You Get Down With The Kids

By Inspired by Literature

I’m well into my 40s now, and I don’t know about you but when I hear the words ‘TikTok’ I immediately zone out because I just know it’s going to be some ridiculous viral trend, lip synch, or something else I just won’t get and will need explaining to me, leaving me feeling rather old every single time.

So when my friend started sending me a few bookish TikToks or BookToks, I was rather surprised at how much I liked them. Whatever your literary slant, TikTok is as full of book lovers as it is kids doing silly dances and lip synchs, and I enjoyed them so much, I’m here to share my favourites with you.

Don’t worry you don’t need a TikTok account to watch as we’ve embedded all the videos into this blog. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

@felixir_When Ginny wants to meet in the Room of Requirement ⚡️ #harrypotter #foryoupage #fyp #pourtoi #viral #potterhead #foryou #hogwarts #tiktok #trend♬ original sound – Stay hydrated 緯俺な

You could send this Harry Potter lookalike to my room of requirement if you wanted to. If someone has told me this was on TikTok I’d have signed up years ago!

@blastedpanda_Hidden Library #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ♬ original sound – farles

I am here for this secret library!

@extroverted_introvert1not my creation but HAD to share 🤣 ##lordoftherings ##tolkien ##bilboswaggins ##hobbits ##fantasy ##puns♬ original sound – Extroverted_introvert

A literary pun that only works when said aloud.

@ellereadsbookslikeMy copy of The Octunnumi arrived! ⚙️ #theoctunnumi #booktok #bookunboxing #bookish #bookmail #theoctunnumiunboxing♬ Studio Ghibli Medley Pt. 2 – Nicholas Yee & Shawn G

My friend is always buying her son really expensive things because he saw them on TikTok, which I thought was ridiculous until I saw this unboxing! I don’t care what it is, I need it!

The Octunnumi

So now I’ve found a new pointless book related pursuit… watching other book nerds on TikTok. At least now I can say I’m down with the kids too.

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10 cringe-worthy things Reddit users want authors to stop doing

By Inspired by Literature, News
Reddit users exploded one particular post regarding the annoying and cringe-worthy things authors include in their books.

Readers came in droves to put forward their pet peeves including overusing certain words or phrases, not understanding the basics of time, and creepy or violent tropes they’d rather not see anymore.

Check out the top fifteen we agree with, find more on Reddit, and add your own in the comments.

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Joss Stone and Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart to write The Time Traveller’s Wife musical

By Adaptations, Inspired by Literature, News
The Time Traveller’s Wife is up for a musical adaptation with help from two big names.

Songwriter and producer Dave Stewart, of the classic 80s band Eurythmics, has teamed up with 00’s singer-songwriter Joss Stone to bring the musical to the stage.

The adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger’s bestselling novel will have original music and lyrics by the pair of songwriters and will open in the UK at the end of 2021 or in early 2022.

Stewart and Stone have worked together already, on the SuperHeavy album in 2011 and others, and have now written original songs plotting the romance between the protagonists Clare and Henry.

In a statement, the songwriters explained how the process threw them “into an eddy of emotive melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics to go with the push and pull of this unusual love story. We all time-travel in our relationships and in our lives in general, but to write something that people will see and hear happening live on stage is thrilling to imagine.”

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Popular horror movies reimagined as Dr. Seuss books

By Arty, Inspired by Literature, News
The books of Dr. Seuss are full of colourful nonsensical characters and fun rhyming stories to enjoy with the family, but what if they were a little darker..?

Some clever artist has taken the time to reimagine some popular horror tales and movies as if they came from the imagination of Dr. Seuss.

Using his recognisable style of cartoon drawings, Dr.FaustusAU at DeviantArt created most of these masterpieces of parody. His work extends far beyond parodying movies with political figures and pop culture also being mashed together with Seuss-style illustrations.

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