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The Best of Librarian Shaming

By March 2, 2015April 4th, 2018Libraries

The trends and memes that the internet throws up can be truly bewildering… mind-boggling… unfathomable. “Shaming” is one of those trends that started a few years ago – post a cute photo of your pet, making it quite clear that he or she had committed some heinous crime. Who could resist? But Librarian Shaming?! Go figure. Go to Tumblr! It’s awash with tales of the egregious sins of the people we trust to take care of our public literature; hilarious, weird, odd and some tragic. Still, spend your life among books and you could be forgiven for losing your mind, and self-control occasionally. Here. Have a look…

and judge ye not,lest ye be judged yerself…


Do you have any unreturned library books? Forgetting to return them is bad enough, but if you end up then working as a librarian, what do you do?


If that copy of that novel you’re looking for is missing from the shelf next time you visit the library, you might want to check the librarian’s desk.


Oh my! How could you? I’m not sure I could resist reading it either but to read the epilogue first!



Oh dear, I think I just died a little.


I think this is just tragic and I think this person needs a new job.


And finally, the one that invariably starts fierce discussions!

I hope you enjoyed those, add your own reading confessions in the comments.


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  • Campbell says:

    When I was at school a bunch of us were co-opted to help tidy up the library. I found a book that was quite badly damaged so I took it to the Head Librarian. Her advice was that I could keep it and take it home. So I went back to the shelves, found a book that I REALLY wanted, surreptitiously tore the cover off and took it back to the librarian. The look of thinly veiled, deeply suspicious contempt will follow me to my grave.

  • tamineha says:

    When I was a child, my mom would take me to several different libraries. As an adult I only went to my neighborhood library. After many years of not using the library, I went in and presented my one and only library card. They told me it was not for their library. I absolutely insisted it had to be as I had not used any other library in 20 years. We argued and I finally left. When I got home, I was mortified. I suddenly remembered having to go to a different library system to get a specific book 5 years earlier. And that was the card I was carrying in my wallet. I have never been back to my neighborhood library. But I need not worry… I have purchased about 800 books since then. I can’t resist them!!

  • Stanton says:

    I think Fred has an excellent point. The first thing we have to remember is that social media is ubiquitous. That means it is not only (potentially) useful to large enterprises but to small mom-and-pop shops and everyone in between.

  • Jenn Tozier says:

    I stole my high school library’s copy of Rock And Roll Confidential….and I borrowed the Lennon biography (Ray Coleman, not Goldman’s mess) so often that my English teacher and his Guidance Counselor wife whom had both befriended me gave me a copy of my own.

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