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Life and Death – Twilight Reimagined

By October 6, 2015New Releases

It’s been a decade since Bella first met her sparkling vampire love Edward and in honour of its tenth anniversary Stephanie Meyer has released a reimagined version with the genders of Bella and Edward swapped.



Why the swap? “I wanted to do something fun for the 10th anniversary,” Meyer said on GMA. She also said that she was bothered by readers who said Bella seems like a damsel in distress. “Anyone surrounded by superheroes is going to be a damsel in distress,” she said. So she decided to give those superpowers to a woman.
What changes when the genders change? Not too much. “The further you get in the more it changes because the personalities get different,” Meyer explained. “It’s just a love story, it doesn’t matter who’s the boy and who’s the girl.”

“It’s really very much the same thing. My hope is that maybe the younger readers may be introduced,” the author continued, noting that her original fans are 10 years older now.

Will we see a new book series out of this? A movie maybe? Not likely, said Meyers. “This is just one version of Beau,” she said when asked about further books. And as far as a new movie goes, “I don’t really see that happening.”

Stephanie Meyer first announced that there would be bonus content packaged as a part of the anniversary edition during the Forever Twilight Fan Festival in Forks, Wash., last month, though she acknowledges that some fans will be disappointed not to see Midnight Sun, the telling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective, included here (that manuscript has been shelved for years after an online leak). In fact, she begins her foreword with “I’m So Sorry,” blaming the decision to omit Midnight Sun on lack of time.

I’ll definitely be buying this, I loved the Twilight saga and I’m not ashamed to admit, I still do.

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