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New Kindle Oasis Released & it’s Looking Good

By April 14, 2016New Releases

When I read that Amazon had released a new Kindle eReader I thought to myself; come on Amazon, surely you cannot improve on the Kindle? We’ve had the Touch, the Fire, the Fire HD, the Paperwhite, the Keyboard, and the Voyage, what on Earth could you offer to make me want to part with my hard earned cash? Then I saw the Kindle Oasis!

The Amazon Oasis promises to blow all of its competitors out of the water, it’s 20% lighter than all of its predecessors at only 4.6 ounces and is apparently around 30% thinner as well. This does not mean that Amazon have skimped on quality and durability with the casing made from a metal plated polymer. The whole thing is also designed to be far more ergonomic with the weight balance shifted so that the Kindle will sit in the palm of your hand in an almost identical manner to that of a book’s  spine. That’s got to be good news for us marathon readers.

Whilst that may be good news, it’s not the deal breaker for many prospective owners of this new bit of reading electronica. This little gem has a battery that is promised to last for 9 weeks of reading on a single (dual?) charge. This has been achieved by placing a battery in the cover, which is included in your purchase and means that your reading time is practically doubled. The cover attaches to your Kindle Oasis using 12 magnets and will begin charging as soon as it is connected. The cover is available in black, merlot. or walnut and makes for a very beautiful unit indeed.

The display itself is similar to the Paperwhite with the 300ppi display promising crisp laser quality reading; there is also a built in front light which is designed to optimise your reading in whatever situation and although thinner, Amazon claim that the screen is so robust that it’s strong enough to “throw in your bag and take with you on-the-go”.

Also there is now an enhanced accelerometer which detects whether you are reading with your left or right hand, and automatically rotates the page and page turn buttons to match.

This new Kindle Oasis looks too good to be true and in all honesty there is only one negative I can see, and that fellow readers, is the price. Even factoring into account the fact that you get a genuine Amazon Kindle cover the price is extortionate, especially for us here in the UK. However I must admit to still being very tempted indeed.

Kindle Oasis US
Kindle Oasis UK

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