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10 cringe-worthy things Reddit users want authors to stop doing

Reddit users exploded one particular post regarding the annoying and cringe-worthy things authors include in their books.

Readers came in droves to put forward their pet peeves including overusing certain words or phrases, not understanding the basics of time, and creepy or violent tropes they’d rather not see anymore.

Check out the top fifteen we agree with, find more on Reddit, and add your own in the comments.

1. Lay off the sex crimes, Gabaldon.

2. Why don’t they ever smell like a human?

3. There is no way they aren’t aware of their own crying

4. ‘Say, Bob-ing’ is a waste of page space

5. How would this even happen!?

6. She also wears glasses and is quite clumsy. Sigh.

7. It is a body part. Not food.

8. It’s just that easy right?

9. Get back to the point, for goodness’ sake.

10. She grumbled, grumbly.

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