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The Best Response To The Oscars Mix-Up!

By March 1, 2017Libraries, News

The Oscars has seen its fair share of controversy, mishaps, and mistakes, and 2017 was no exception!

A confused Warren Beatty and an oblivious Faye Dunaway were meant to announce the winner of Best Picture but had been given the Best Actress card by mistake. This meant ‘La La Land’ was announced as Best Picture instead of the true winner ‘Moonlight’!

After the mistake was rectified, and red faces had stopped burning from embarrassment, people took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the matter…

(Image from BBC)

Here is the original tweet from Platteville Library in Wisconsin, USA. The witty librarian who put the display together is proud Hufflepuff, and self-professed fangirl Lydia.

If Oscars were given for the Best Responses to the Oscars, it would surely have gone to Lydia’s display…

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