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Crime Writer Shuts down Sexist Troll, Becomes Instant Hero

By August 18, 2016Authors, News

I do love Twitter and the world of social media, for one it allows us to get a bit closer to our favourite authors and find out the who the person behind the novel is. We follow quite a few authors over on our Twitter page, and one of these is Scottish crime writer, Val McDermid, who shut down a sexist Twitter troll this week and became an instant hero!

There’s a lot of anti-feminist trolling on Twitter and more recently, many authors have been leading the way in combating the trend. Our much loved Jo Rowling regularly shut down Twitter trolls, and Neil Gaiman often proves that feminism isn’t only a female trait!

Now it’s Val McDermid who has been attacked by an anti-feminist troll, whom she quickly shut down as the Internet jumped to her aid. Twitter user @ThreeNSixPlease tweeted McDermid two days ago…

And she didn’t mess around when replying either!

Pretty soon, J. K Rowling jumped to her defence


and things took a more amusing turn

you really have to watch out for those stealth feminists!

Rowling wasn’t the only author to get involved either, as Harlan Coben dived into the spat

So did a lot of ordinary people

to amusing effect

some people were surprised he even had the nerve

and many came out in support of the author

So there you go, shock horror, Val McDermid is a feminist, which I actually thought was fairly clear anyway. Maybe unsurprisingly @ThreeNSixPlease has deleted the original tweet, and it looks like many many now be adding McDermid as an author to check out.

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