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Darker Shade of Magic to be Adapted for Movie

By February 28, 2017News

After a massive bidding war this week, Sony has won the rights to the Victoria Schwab novel A Darker Shade of Magic. The YA fantasy novel, set in London is the first in a trilogy of books that has proven popular with readers since release in early 2015, and pretty soon the whole lot will be coming to the big screen too!

The third novel in the series is just released so it’s perfect timing to the big screen. Here’s hoping the adaptation does the trilogy justice.

The series centres on Kell, a magician who has the ability to travel between parallel Londons, each with their own unique world. In Red London his magic is revered, but Grey London believes magic is a myth, while in White London magic is fought over and in the dark Black London, magic has overpowered the people.

The following two books in the series, a Gathering of Shadows and the recently released A Conjuring of Light are also likely to follow the first book to the big screen.

So far we have no idea who will be starring in the series and readers will be apprehensive to see their favourite story taken to the big screen. What we do know is that Gerard Butler is on board to produce the adaptation along with Alan Siegel and Danielle Robinson.

There is no date yet for filming, or a release date but that should give readers plenty of time to get started on the trilogy and read the books first!

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