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David Cameron trolled by fake book cover!

David Cameron, ex UK Conservative prime minister, has been trolled in a book store Foyles at Charing Cross Rd, London.

His memoir, For The Record, was recently released to a lukewarm reception, with many British people unimpressed with Cameron’s legacy. The release was supposed to coincide with the eventual final deal of Brexit, however as it has been continuously drawn out the book had to be released before any deal was made.

One person in particular was so irritated by Cameron that they replaced dust jackets of his memoirs with hilariously cheeky covers.

The cover no longer sports the Sunday Times’ glowing description “The political memoir of the decade” but now shows a faked quote from Donald Trump:

“A very great book. So great. No, it’s a great book. All the words. All the pages.”

The blurb on the back really makes the whole thing come alive:

“Women wanted him. Men wanted to be him. Animals feared him. He had the world at his feet yet he threw it all away over a bitter rivalry that began at the urinals of Eton 40 years ago.”

“This isn’t so much a book as a blueprint of how to completely destroy a country- written by a tired man with a face like a satellite dish made of ham.”

The back includes a positive review from ‘Pliers’ (of Chaka Demus and Pliers fame), and a damning write-up from Judy and Andy Murray, who found it “a poorly-written romp around the world, with hardly any reference to tennis whatsoever”. The faked quote was endorsed by the real Judy Murray once she had seen the tweet.

“The referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has been one of the most controversial political events of modern times. But why did it happen? What lay behind the decision? Find out today by buying this book- at a very reasonable price!”

“Enough time has now passed for everybody to forgive David for what he did. Let’s not remember him for the one terrible thing he did- but for all the hundreds of lovely little things he did.”

“He’s a kind man really. A funny man. A family man. A man of the people. And this book is a chance to show that he really did try his best.”

“He’s only human. We all make mistakes. David should really be remembered as the best prime minister we ever had.”

The inside cover explains the author’s background including how to “secure his place in the Bullingdon Club” Cameron “put on a one-man show at the Oxford Playhouse where he set fire to a badger on stage and smered the warm ashes into his soft, naked body- singing a haunting, high-pitched version of ‘Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer.”

It further explains how “he was sacked for dividing Britain into two squabbling factions. Neither side willing to listen to the other and each considering themselves to be the only people that really understand what’s going on.”

“David lives in a weird hut on wheels in the Cotswolds. He keeps wasps and brews his own vinegar.”

Buy the real memoir here:

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