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Debate: Can Books Be Considered ‘Decor’?

By April 7, 2022Culture, News

Ashely Tisdale, best known for her role in High School Musical, has come under fire for apparently using books as ‘decor’.

Tisdale had appeared on Architectural Digest, showing off her home she designed herself that she shares with her husband and daughter. While pointing the AD to her living room bookcase, she explained how she had had to fill the empty shelves just for the feature article.

“These bookshelves, I have to be honest, actually did not have books in it a couple of days ago,” Tisdale said, “I had my husband go to a bookstore. I was like, ‘You need to get 400 books.'”

She added, “Obviously my husband is like, ‘We should be collecting books over time and putting them in the shelves.’ And I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, not when AD comes.'”

Fans online were taken aback by this admission, some stating they were ‘speechless’ that Tisdale would buy books just for decoration purposes.

Later, Tisdale responded to the reaction saying:

“There are some of my books from over the years in there but yea 36 shelves that hold 22 books I did not have and any interior designer would have done the same. They do it all the time, I was just honest about it.”

Do you think she should have left the shelves bare? Or is she within her rights to fill the shelves so the photos looked good for Architectural Digest?

Do you think she would have bought all those books if there was no feature on her home? Does it matter as long as they supported their local bookstore (which they did).

Let us know your opinion!

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