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Noodle the Pug to Star in His Own Children’s Book: “Noodle and the No Bones Day”

Noodle the pug will soon have his own picture book!

If you haven’t heard of Noodle, where have you been this past year? The elderly pug became a TikTok sensation after his owner showed the world how the 13-year-old pug starts each day.

The owner, Jonathan Graziano, would gently wake Noodle up and try to stand him up on his old legs.  If Noodle stood on his own, Graziano declared a “Bones Day” but if Noodle collapsed in a doggy heap, it would be a “No Bones Day”.

TikTok fell in love with this pug and took on board his message- some days are No Bones Days, so take care of your self and stay in bed if you have to.

“It’s a No Bones Day and you know what that means: It means Noodle doesn’t have to go on walkies and it means you must be kind to yourself,” Graziano said in a bones prediction Monday.

To spread the word about this ‘be kind to yourself’ system, Graziano and Noodle will now star in a picture book.

Noodle and the No Bones Day features the two going through both a Bones Day and a No Bones Day, and is meant to show children and adults alike that it’s “OK not to feel 100 percent all of the time.”

“It’s hard to put into words just how grateful I am for all the support and love I’ve seen over the past few months for Noodle,” Graziano said in a statement. “These videos have helped bring much-needed joy to so many (myself included), and I hope this book helps to remind anyone who reads it that it’s always okay to take the time to take care of yourself.”

The book is due for release in June 2022: Pre Order Now.


have the best day everyone! remember the RULES 🔮🦴🔮

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