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Popular horror movies reimagined as Dr. Seuss books

The books of Dr. Seuss are full of colourful nonsensical characters and fun rhyming stories to enjoy with the family, but what if they were a little darker..?

Some clever artist has taken the time to reimagine some popular horror tales and movies as if they came from the imagination of Dr. Seuss.

Using his recognisable style of cartoon drawings, Dr.FaustusAU at DeviantArt created most of these masterpieces of parody. His work extends far beyond parodying movies with political figures and pop culture also being mashed together with Seuss-style illustrations.

His latest work includes a fun imitation of Bernie Sanders in his now-famous mittens, a dedication to the exit of the 45th POTUS, and a nightmarish version of Garfield the cat!

If you enjoyed the selection of our favourite Seuss-style horrors above and then check out Dr.FaustusAU on DeviantArt.

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