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Soulfire: because LGBTQ kids need heroes too!

Soulfire is book one of a high fantasy series The Soulfire Chronicles written by the creative talent behind Promised Land and Raven Wild.

Chaz Harris has been writing the fantasy series for kids age 10-14 years after realising there still wasn’t enough representation for LGBTQ kids in fiction: “When I was growing up, there were no stories with LGBTQ protagonists going on quests, saving the world, falling in love or living happily ever after. Those are the kind of stories I desperately needed in the 1990s, and two decades later they’re still sorely lacking on bookshelves for young readers now.”

The team behind the inclusive stories are hoping a Kickstarter campaign can help bring the high fantasy tales to life. The first book draws the reader into the world of Mythika along with the 13 year old protagonist George who discovers there is more magic in him than he realised. George is also gay but just as a heterosexual kid’s sexuality isn’t at the forefront of their story, George’s queer status doesn’t define him, it is merely part of who he is.

The series will be a magical and exciting world for young people across the gender and sexuality spectrum- representation matters especially when you feel alone or different from what you see in books, film, and TV.

The first book of The Soulfire Chronicles – Soulfire – will be ready for release in October 2019 as long as the Kickstarter campaign hits its target of $10,000NZ by the end of June.

Head over to the site to hear about the new fantasy series, read reviews from lucky folk who received an advanced copy, and to pledge your support!

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