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Strange things found in books includes a centuries-old butterfly

By April 12, 2021News, Reading Habits

Strange things have been discovered in books but nothing more fascinating than a centuries-old butterfly.

We have previously released a blog of some of the weirdest things found inside books and it is time to add a few more to that list.

Many of us would use the usual bookmark replacement in an emergency- a bus ticket, a gum wrapper, or a receipt, but I wonder what makes someone use mousemat or a small bag of flowers? A book may be a good place to keep something flat, or keep it safe in one place perhaps, or maybe these folk have merely forgotten that they have slipped something between the pages.

The internet is full of random notes, photos, and papers used as temporary bookmarks that are now little glimpses of history.

This butterfly found pressed within a 387-year-old book could be as old as the book itself.

What does this mean? Found in a 1960s law book. 

A little friend found in a 17th century book.

When pressing flowers make sure you do not leave them inside a bag.

A four-leaf clover found in an old bible.

A polaroid of fried eggs. As you do.

Someone misplaced their spectacles! 

Poor little guy got a bit lost…

Someone’s drug stash discovered inside a book

Beautiful paper dolls found inside this old music book

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