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The UK has chosen its favourite books! In a survey by OnePoll on eBay, 2,000 adults were asked about their reading habits and their favourite books. What the survey showed is that it’s the books from our childhood that stay with us forever.

Leading the list is the classic fantasy novel set in Narnia, and it’s a trend that continues with several children’s books in the top 50. Following that trend is J.K Rowling as the most chosen author, closely followed by master of Horror, Stephen King.

According to the survey, British Bookworms will get through 696 books over a lifetime, but the books read varied, showing a clear divide between men and women. Women like modern literature, while men preferred classics and older titles. The average adult said they read 11 books a year, and crime in the most popular genre, follows by thrillers, and drama.

A saddening statistic from the survey is 42% of people claimed to be too busy to read as much as they would like, and the average adult owns at least ten books they haven’t yet finished.

And the top 50 books chosen by those surveyed are as follows.

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