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The US President’s niece has written a tell-all book

The niece of the President of the United States is set to publish a tell-all book this summer .

Mary Trump, daughter of Donald J Trump’s deceased brother, has written a book that will detail “harrowing and salacious” stories about the president, according to sources.

Simon & Schuster confirmed Too Much And Never Enough will be released on 28th of July, just weeks before the Republican National Convention.

The book is said to expose the Trump family’s dodgy dealings and tax schemes, including how Donald J Trump received more than $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire. Mary Trump was a primary source for The New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation, exposing Fred Trump Sr.’s tax returns and other confidential financial documentation.

Donald J Trump (L) and Mary Trump (R)

Details of the book are being closely guarded by its publisher, Simon & Schuster, but some details have been released. Mary Trump plans to include conversations with Trump’s sister, retired federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, containing confidential and derogatory thoughts about her brother.

Despite keeping to herself over the years, and not speaking publicly about her family, endured a bitter family court battle over Fred Trump Sr.’s will:

“Given this family, it would be utterly naive to say it has nothing to do with money. But for both me and my brother, it has much more to do with that our father [Fred Jr.] be recognised,” she said.

Fred Trump Jr., the firstborn son and once the heir to his father’s empire, had turned his back on the family business, and according to Mary he was neglected by his family during years of illness.

He died in 1981 aged just 42 from a heart attack owing to complications from his alcoholism, leaving behind a son, Fred the 3rd, and daughter Mary.

Allegations appear in the book that both Donald and Fred Trump Sr. contributed to his death through neglect while he was suffering with complications due to addiction.

In a 2019 interview with Washington Post, Donald Trump admitted to putting pressure on his brother over his life and career choices but came to regret it how he dealt with him:

“I do regret putting pressure on him. It was just not his thing…  I think the mistake that we made was we assumed that everybody would like it. That would be the biggest mistake… There was sort of a double pressure put on him.”

The unprecedented book is sure to send shock waves through Washington and the Trump family just months before the election.

“My aunt and uncles should be ashamed of themselves,” Mary Trump, “I’m sure they are not.”

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