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Read the Words: A poem from K. S. Kearns

By July 21, 2015Poetry

Among all our likers and followers are many poets, writers and creatives. We get sent stuff all the time, but now and then something just stands out, such as this beautiful poem by K. S. Kearns. Enjoy! If you love reading and books are your haven, you’ll like this one we’re sure.

A lovely poem, thanks for the submission, we’re glad to be able to share it with others.

Read the Words

Is it just me?
Or do people not stop to read?
A poem, sonnet or book,
Are all worth a patient look.
But with such busy lives,
We become like bees at our hives.
Coming and going, To-ing, and fro-ing.
Somehow we forget to do some growing.
For how much do we miss,
When we bypass reading’s bliss?
Think back on a tale told,
That, to you, were words of gold.
The stories that touched your heart.
The adventures you became apart.
So when words is all you see,
Please think of this, my plea.
Read them with an opened mind,
Because you’ll never know what you might find.
Enjoyment in a novel so long,
Or inspiration in a sonnet or song.
Encouraged decision from a basic poem,
Or learn wisdom from an old tale known.
So take heed in the words I say,
For, one day, words may show you the way.


What a beautiful poem. Thank you to K.S. Kearns for sharing it with us.

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