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Six reasons why paper books are better than e-books.

By August 31, 2020Guest Blogs, Reading Formats

I’m a great supporter of paper books: I love everything about them. And as such, I aim to show the world why they are so much better than e-books.

So, here are my top six reasons:


Whenever you talk to a bibliophile, there is one thing you can be sure they’ll bring up: the smell of books. As a reader myself, I can say that I love the smell of new books and smelling its pages is the first thing I do when I buy one. Some will tell you that the smell of old books is much better. You try that and let me know, but be careful to dust it before putting your nose near it!


Has it ever happened to you that your e-reader’s battery died in the thick of the story? Well, when reading on paper, this is never an issue. Some might tell you that e-books can be read in the dark. Well, just get a book light and you’re all set!


How many times has it happened to you to read on the beach, near the pool or in the bathtub? When enjoying an e-book you always need to be extra careful: just a little splash of water means saying bye-bye to your e-reader. Not much damage when there is a book instead – a little water on the pages will only make it look more interesting, as it had been on an adventure.


Yes, e-readers contain many books in one. But how can it compare to home libraries? Looking at your books filling up your shelves is one of the most satisfying things to do. And they also are a beautiful piece of furniture for your home!


Do I need to say more? Wandering around a bookshop is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities I can think of. When going through the door, the whole atmosphere makes you feel like you just entered another dimension, when problems, stress or anxiety are not a thing and nothing can ever touch or disturb you. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself.


Let’s be honest: books make an amazing gift. You just need to wrap them up with a little red ribbon and voilà, you’re done. You can even write a dedication on the inside: can you see your friend opening it after 20 years and immediately thinking of you? On the other hand, e-books. Can you imagine going to a friend and saying “Hey, I bought you an e-book. Check your e-mail”.

Have I convinced you to leave our e-reader in your drawer and go to a bookshop?


This is a guest blog by Lucrezia Marcantonini

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