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10 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Reading Buddies

By September 28, 2016February 17th, 2018Reading Habits, Your Photos

Every reading addict knows that the only thing better than a good book is a good book and a dog at your feet! Dogs make the perfect reading companions, not least because they never interrupt, and are often happy to be read aloud to.

Whether you have a little ‘Scrappy Do’, or a big galumphing ‘Hooch’, I’d bet that when you’re reading, he or she is by your side. As you may have guessed I’m a dog lover, I’ve had two dogs for years, and losing one earlier this year was so hard, I found it difficult to read without her.

Thankfully, I still have my little dog to keep my legs warm when I read, and after a quick look on Instagram I can see I’m clearly not the only one who thinks books and dogs go together perfectly, so here are 10 reasons dogs are the best reading buddies!

They’ll fetch you a book when you finish the last one and don’t want to move from your reading spot

They keep your legs nice and warm and stop monsters getting under the edge of the duvet!

Admin edit: This is Chico, my reading buddy.

They love it when you read your favourite bits out loud to them.

They like to look at all the pictures too!

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They’ll never judge you for your nerdy reading glasses.

They’re perfectly happy with that Kindle ‘smell’.

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They encourage literacy among the young.

They understand how important representation in literature is for everyone.

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They won’t judge you for nodding off half way through a page.

And they make excellent critics for book discussions when there’s no fandom.

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