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On a Poet’s Birthday – The Quangle Wangle’s Hat by Edward Lear

My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to read more poetry. So, this new series of quizzes, will take a poem by a famous poet on their birthday and ask you to fill in the missing words. The poem for this quiz is the delightful The Quangle Wangle’s Hat by nonsense poet, Edward Lear, whose birthday is on May 12th.

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  • Question of

    — the top of the Crumpetty Tree The Quangle Wangle sat,

    • On
    • In
  • Question of

    But his — you could not see, On account of his Beaver Hat.

    • face
    • eyes
  • Question of

    For his Hat was a hundred and — feet wide, With ribbons and bibbons on every side

    • five
    • two
  • Question of

    And bells, and buttons, and —, and lace, So that nobody ever could see the face Of the Quangle Wangle Quee.

    • loops
    • swirls
  • Question of

    The Quangle Wangle — To himself on the Crumpetty Tree:

    • said
    • sighed
  • Question of

    “Jam; and —; and bread; Are the best of food for me!

    • jelly
    • custard
  • Question of

    But the longer I live on this Crumpetty Tree The — than ever it seems to me

    • plainer
    • clearer
  • Question of

    — very few people come this way And that life on the whole is far from gay!” Said the Quangle Wangle Quee.

    • That
    • A
  • Question of

    — there came to the Crumpetty Tree, Mr. and Mrs. Canary;

    • But
    • Then
  • Question of

    And they said, — “Did ever you see Any — so charmingly airy?

    • spot
    • place
  • Question of

    May we build a nest on your — Hat? Mr. Quangle Wangle, grant us that!

    • lovely
    • gorgeous
  • Question of

    O please let us — and build a nest Of whatever material suits you best, Mr. Quangle Wangle Quee!”

    • come
    • stay
  • Question of

    And besides, to the Crumpetty Tree Came the Stork, the —, and the Owl:

    • Duck
    • Swan
  • Question of

    The Snail, and the Bumble-Bee, The Frog, and the Fimble Fowl; (The Fimble Fowl, with a — leg;)

    • corkscrew
    • spiral
  • Question of

    And all of them —: “We humbly beg, We may build out homes on your lovely Hat: Mr. Quangle Wangle, grant us that! Mr. Quangle Wangle Quee!”

    • said
    • chirped

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