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Quiz – A-Z Co-Stars

We all know about Mr Darcy or Scarlett O’Hara – but what about Mr Collins or Mizz Hamilton? Without these more minor characters the more major books would not be what they are. So this quiz is to celebrate them – the co-stars, the unsung heroes and heroines who lurk in the shadows of the more famous protagonists.


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  • Question of

    A – Hardy gave us two male A’s who do their utmost to spoil things for poor Tess. But which one had the surname D’urberville?

    • Alec
    • Angel
  • Question of

    B – The first Mrs Rochester.

    • Bertha
    • Blanche
  • Question of

    C – Rosalind’s cousin, conspirator and daughter of the Duke in As You Like It.

    • Camilla
    • Celia
  • Question of

    D – Miss Barry, the bosom friend of Anne Shirley and neighbour of Green Gables.

    • Diana
    • Dora
  • Question of

    E – The evil Monks, half-brother of Oliver Twist who does his best to destroy his little brother.

    • Edmund
    • Edward
  • Question of

    F – Mrs Cleary, Meggie’s mother in The Thorn Birds. An aristocratic woman who has come down in the world.

    • Faith
    • Fiona
  • Question of

    G – Hamlet’s mother (and aunt), Claudius’ wife (and sister in law)… it’s complicated!

    • Gertrude
    • Greta
  • Question of

    H – Mr Pocket the younger. Pip’s closest friend in London and teacher of how to be a true ‘gentleman.’

    • Henry
    • Herbert
  • Question of

    I – Mrs Heathcliff, despite Cathy’s warnings.

    • Ivy
    • Isabella
  • Question of

    J – Dr Watson, Mr Holmes’ sidekick, friend, assistant and narrator of some of the novels.

    • John
    • James
  • Question of

    K – Alice (in Wonderland) defends this character at the trial after the evidence becomes increasingly absurd.

    • Knave of Hearts
    • King of Hearts
  • Question of

    L – Two sets of identical twins, two sisters. Adriana is the eldest of the two, who is the younger in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors?

    • Luciana
    • Lavinia
  • Question of

    M – The moral heart of Gone with the Wind who stays true however much Scarlett and Rhett bluster.

    • Marianne
    • Melanie
  • Question of

    N – The narrator and neighbour of The Great Gatsby.

    • Nick
    • Nat
  • Question of

    O – A member of the Inner Party who poses as a member of The Brotherhood, in order to deceive and capture Winston in 1984.

    • O’Malley
    • O’Brien
  • Question of

    P – The name of Katniss’ younger sister whose place Katniss takes in The Hunger Games.

    • Poppy
    • Primrose
  • Question of

    Q – The Captain of The Orca and professional shark hunter in Jaws.

    • Quint
    • Quince
  • Question of

    R – This agent of the Cardinal duels with d’Artagnan on his road to Paris then their paths cross many times before the novel’s end.

    • Richelieu
    • Rochefort
  • Question of

    S – Former televangelist and the Commander’s wife in the fundamentalist theocracy of The Handmaid’s Tale.

    • Serena Joy
    • Sylvia June
  • Question of

    T – Mr Hagen, the most trusted non-Corleone in the family circle. Adopted son of The Godfather.

    • Tony
    • Tom
  • Question of

    U – In Rider Haggard’s She, this character becomes romantically linked to one of the protagonists and defies She to stay with him.

    • Ustane
    • Ursula
  • Question of

    V – Miss Claythorne – one of the possible killers in Agatha Christie’s bestseller And Then There Were None.

    • Violet
    • Vera
  • Question of

    W – Mr Collins. Lizzie Bennet’s unsuccessful suitor, clergyman and sycophant who is the butt of much delightful Austen irony.

    • William
    • Walter
  • Question of

    X – A wedding present for Poseidon, then used by Achilles in battle but what is the name of this immortal horse of such famous owners?

    • Xanthus
    • Xephyrus
  • Question of

    Y – The most famous skull in literature. “Alas, poor – ! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy…”

    • Yorvik
    • Yorick
  • Question of

    Z – The surname of Fern’s uncle and aunt in whose barn Wilbur first meets Charlotte.

    • Zimmerman
    • Zuckerman

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