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QUIZ! December – Events

This series of quizzes uses various events – national, international, literary or historical – that take place this month to ask relevant literary questions. The events for December are some National Days, Jane Austen Day, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve.


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  • Question /

    Which of Elizabeth Kostova’s gothic novels is set in Romania?

    • The Historian
    • The Shadow Land
  • Question /

    Finish the title of this book by Ioana Pârvulescu: Life Begins on —

    • Friday
    • Sunday
  • Question /

    The Man Who Died by Antti Tuomainen is a novel in which genre: thriller or horror?

    • Thriller
    • Horror
  • Question /

    Who wrote the Moomin books?

    • Tove Jansson
    • Astrid Lindren
  • Question /

    Thursdays by Jackson Bilko is about what type of performers?

    • Musicians
    • Dancers
  • Question /

    Finish the title of Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor’s 2021 novel: The Dragonfly —

    • Sea
    • Dance
  • Question /

    How late was baby Jane’s arrival into the world?

    • A month
    • A week
  • Question /

    In which of her novels do we meet Ms Woodhouse, the Knightley brothers, Jane Fairfax and Anne Weston?

    • Emma
    • Northanger Abbey
  • Question /

    What is the name of the short epistolary novel Austen wrote in 1794?

    • Lady Susan
    • Sanditon
  • Question /

    Who wrote the 2008 novel Winter Solstice?

    • Rosamunde Pilcher
    • Maeve Binchy
  • Question /

    Alexandra Bell’s 2021 magic-mystery novel, The Winter Garden, is set in which historical period?

    • Victorian
    • 1920s
  • Question /

    In Dickens’ A Christmas Carol who is the 3rd ghost to visit Scrooge?

    • The Ghost of Christmas Present
    • The Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Question /

    Which play by Ibsen opens on Christmas Eve?

    • A Doll’s House
    • Peer Gynt
  • Question /

    Finish the title of Kristin Hannah’s novel: Comfort and —

    • Joy
    • Coffee
  • Question /

    Which of Beatrix Potter’s stories is set around Christmas?

    • The Tailor of Gloucester
    • The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies
  • Question /

    What is Colson Whitehead’s 2021 novel called?

    • Harlem Shuffle
    • The Prophets
  • Question /

    In Yaa Gyasi’s Transcendent Kingdom what animals is Gifty studying?

    • Mice
    • Dogs
  • Question /

    Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility begins on New Year’s Eve in which year?

    • 1938
    • 1941
  • Question /

    In A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby, how many characters are planning to jump from the roof?

    • 4
    • 2
  • Question /

    Who wrote the words of the song Auld Lang Syne?

    • Robert Burns
    • Walter Scott

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